"The events you are about to see may have been buried covered up. Those with traceable records have been marked with the specific date they occurred on. Verify at your own risk, but trust no one."


The 1983 United States Embassy Bombing is an event in Phantom Doctrine’s CIA campaign.

Before the Bombing

Deadpan is contacted by Leslie about Aguirre. After learning about an operation called “Walter Poon,” Leslie wants Deadpan to travel to Beirut and meet him in the US Embassy, saying he has “killer stuff” to show.

The Bombing

On April 18, 1983, during the conversation between Deadpan and Leslie, terrorists part of operation “Walter Poon” bombed the embassy, killing Leslie, who had important intel on the nuclear ring and more.


After heading to the embassy with Bolt, Deadpan figures that Leslie planned for his death, and may have hid his intel in a false tooth. Deadpan then goes to infiltrate the morgue and get the microfilm.


The bombing is based off of a real bombing that took place in a United States Embassy in Beirut during the Lebanese Civil War.