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Phantom Doctrine’s single-player campaign mode has over 40 hours of gameplay featuring an exhilarating story that takes place around the Cold War. The plot integrates numerous historical events and characters that resurrects the terrifying reality of the Cold War from a new perspective.


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Set in 1983 during the Cold War, Phantom Doctrine takes history down a darker route as a conspiracy begins terrorizing the world and pulling strings to take over.




Subplot 1

As an elite CIA wetwork commando codenamed “Deadpan,” unravel a conspiracy set in the middle of war torn Beirut and beyond.

Subplot 2

As a highly-decorated KGB counter-intelligence operative codenamed “Kodiak,” hunt traitors of the motherland.

Subplot 3

As the Mossad nazi-hunter "Hemlock", pursue WW2 war criminals that threaten your people in Central America.