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Korean Airlines Flight 007, was an airplane that crashed in Phantom Doctrine’s campaign.

"The events you are about to see may have been buried or covered up. Those with traceable records have been marked with the specific date they occurred on. Verify at your own risk, but trust no one."


Before the Shootdown

Needing the Global Position System to advance Project Iceberg, the Beholder Initiative makes a plan to get a Soviet Interceptor to shoot down an airplane passing over the Soviet Union. The plan was codenamed “Operation Northstar” and addressed it in files and intel as the “airliner op.”


On September 1st, 1983, Korean Airlines Flight 07 passed over the Kamchatka Penninsula. Not knowing it was a commercial aircraft, Soviet Air Command dispatched Interceptors to shoot it down. The Cabal, having learnt of Operation Northstar a few days prior, infiltrated the Dolinsk-Sokol airbase in Sakhalin, Soviet Union to stop the Interceptors. After being contacted by The Cabal, Soviet Air Command tells the Interceptors to break off of the chase. But one of the pilots, working for Beholder, fires at the airplane, causing it to crash near Moneron Island.



Korean Airlines Flight 007 is based on the real life airplane shot down by Soviet Interceptor Aircraft on September 1st, 1983.