Warning: Spoilers Ahead for Phantom Doctrine’s CIA Campaign!

Leslie was Deadpan’s first handler in the CIA in Phantom Doctrine’s CIA campaign.

Helping Deadpan

Leslie was one of the top spies in the CIA. However, he asked agent Deadpan to commit an unsanctioned operation in Pakistan. There, Deadpan discovered Pakistan has a fission device. Acting as Deadpan’s mentor and unofficial handler after Fender took over, he asked Deadpan to find a man named Aguirre. After investigating the dossier Leslie gave to him/her, Deadpan discovers something called “Project Iceberg,” along with an operation named “Walter Poon.” Walter Poon was a fake name Leslie used when he was in Hong Kong, and is worried a conspiracy might be after him.


After telling Deadpan he has killer stuff to show, an explosion is heard in the background, cutting off comms between the two. It is revealed that suicide bombers attacked the U.S. Embassy in Beirut, killing Leslie.