Skill/Action Game text Technical information Cost Cooldown
Attack: Burst Deals bonus damage to flanked and out of cover enemies. 1 Fire Point Ends turn
Attack: Full Auto 1 Fire Point and 1 Move Point Ends turn
Attack: Headshot Fire at the selected enemy with a devastating shot that ignores cover protection. 1 Fire Point and 70 Awareness (50 with weapon proficiency) Ends turn unless shooting Pistol
Attack: Single 1 Fire Point Ends turn unless shooting Pistol or unless character has Expert Marksman perk
Control Phrase Takes control over an enemy agent subjected to Control Phrase. Automatically available on missions where enemy agents with the Cabal Control Phrase perk. 1 Fire Point 3
Distract 20 Awareness 3
Focus - Regenerates character's awareness 1 Fire Point 3
Pick Up Agent +50 Dodge Cost while carrying, no movement penalties 1 Move Point 0
Stabilize Stabilizes Agents in Critical State, preventing them from bleeding out. 1 Move Point and 1 Fire Point 0


Skill/Action Given by training Given by Agent background Game text Technical information Cost Cooldown
Blockade Runner - Cartels Character receives a Damage Threshold bonus during movement.
Bargain Shock Tactics (IV) - Take a little damage but vastly increase the agent's Damage Threshold for the upcoming turn. Deals 15 damage and increases threshold by 200 for 1 turn. 1 Move Point 2
Blinding Laser Contact Tactics (I) - Interrupts enemy Overwatch and makes characters unable to shoot during their next turn.
Buckshot - Mafia, Mossad, RAF Deals damage to all characters within the conical area of effect.
Coup de Grace - IJO, KGB, SAVAK If the enemy is below a certain amount of health, instantly kill that character. Enemy's health has to be below 33%.
Die Hard - SB, Spetsnaz Once per mission, this Agent will survive a normally fatal hit and replenish Awareness.
Empath Urban Operations (I) - Upon healing other characters, this character also restores a small amount of HP.
Easy Kill Rapid Dominance Tactics (III) - Direct kills of stunned characters restore AP and FP.
Example-made Covert Operations (II) - Killing an enemy reduces Awareness of nearby enemies.
Exertion Fire and Movement Tactics (II) - Improve the movement rate of this character. +2 Mobility for 2 turns 25 Awareness 2
Eye for Talent Night Operations (III) SAS This character reveals Talents of other team members present on the mission.
Firm Stance - ASALA Grants this agent a bonus to firearm damage until they move. Resets every turn.
Fool Me Once Guerrilla Operations (V) - Once per turn, this agent's Damage Threshold increases when hit.
Hand-to-Hand Expert Skirmish Tactics (V) - This character gets a temporary movement bonus upon performing a successful takedown. +2 Mobility for 2 turns
Heartbeat Sensor - NSA, SEAL Reveal enemies in the Area of Effect, without having Line of Sight to them. 9 tile radius 15 Awareness 2
Interconnected Warzone Operations (IV) Yakuza If Tactical Recon has been completed, disabling a single CCTV central or Laser power source will disable all of them.
Killing Spree Shock Tactics (IV) - Direct kills increase this Agent's Awareness regeneration. Maintaining a longer streak provides a larger bonus. +15 Awareness Regen for 2 turns (if Killing Spree Bonus is already active, gaining it again will increase Awareness Regen to 30 and reset turns left to 2, further activations do not increase Awareness Regen anymore)
Lucky Break - IRA, Triads The first time the agent receives damage on a mission, they temporarily become able to dodge at no cost.
Opportunist Fire and Movement Tactics (II) - Confers bonus damage against suppressed characters.
Pain Stimulus Contact Tactics (I) - When hit, this Agent receives a bonus to Damage from firearms.
Pickpocket - BND Agent replenishes ammo upon performing a successful takedown.
Proximity Stimulus - GBU, PSIA This character receives an Awareness and Movement bonus when attacked from a close distance.
Sadist - DGI Each direct kill grants this agent an Awareness bonus. +15 Awareness Trigger based 0
Spot Weakness Skirmish Tactics (V) - Temporarily reduce the Damage Threshold of enemy armor. -100 Damage Threshold for 1 turn 1 Move Point 3
Sniper's Delight - MI6, MSS This character receives an immediate Awareness boost upon landing a successful Headshot.
Sure Shot Rapid Dominance Tactics (III) USMC The next shot from this character cannot be dodged by the target.
Team Player - Gladio This agent regenerates more Awareness in the vicinity of team members.
Vigilance - DGSE, MIT Extends this agent's circular Overwatch range.
Zen - CIA, Stasi Improve this character's Awareness regeneration.
Warn Ally - Freelance, Securitate Restore Awareness of another character.