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"The events you are about to see may have been buried or covered up. Those with traceable records have been marked with the specific date they occurred on. Verify at your own risk, but trust no one."


The Invasion of Grenada is an event in Phantom Doctrine’s campaign.


After the Cabal infiltrates the Beholder Initiative HQ in Chicago, Cardinal arrives in a helicopter to greet the Cabal’s leader and his/her agents. It turns out Cardinal is Valhalla’s right hand man, but is a undercover CIA spy. She wants the Cabal to find Valhalla’s secret base before he starts a nuclear war. The Cabal eventually finds the base in Grenada, but needs an main task force to invade the island so they aren’t caught when assaulting the base. Cardinal says she’ll contact President Reagan and ask him to launch an invasion on the island, saying he owes her a favor. The Cabal then goes to attack the base.

The Invasion

While The Cabal attacks the base, the U.S. military launches the invasion, using helicopters to transport troops and vehicles. The cover for The Cabal’s raid is that the invasion was to topple the PRG and restore Grenada’s former government, removing Cuba’s military presence. It is a success, and the Almaz station is sent tumbling towards Earth, with no one batting an eye. Project Iceberg has failed, and the Cabal has won.


Eventually, even after the invasion and Valhalla left dead, communism crumbled, which was what he wanted. Deadpan figures out that maybe some was still pulling Valhalla’s strings, and the Conspiracy is still out there.


The invasion is based off of the real invasion of Grenada, which took place on October 25, 1983 to October 29. Codenamed “Operation: Urgent Fury,” the invasion was triggered by internal strife in the People’s Revolutionary Government of Grenada when Grenada’s second prime minister Maurice Bishop was executed and the Revolutionary Military Council was established.

Actual U.S. troops in Grenada.